Model Making

I make architectural and product models using my ‘in house’ model making equipment including a 3D CNC machine, paint booth, vacuum former, table saws, chop saws, polishing and sanding shop equipment, etc. You can learn a bit more about that on the facilities page. I have worked on models with budgets over $100,000 which have been shown in venues such as Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art(MCA), Art Institute of Chicago, and the Venice Architectural Biennial. Because most of the product models I have made are protected by NDA I have very few of them that I can show – however the architecture models are on display in my model making portfolio.

  • Accurate CNC and Laser Cut parts mean accurate models
  • Lacquer Paint finishes
  • Metals, Woods, Plastics
  • Vacuum forming
  • 3D Printing Model preparation and finishing

Contact me or request a quote to get started turning your product idea or architectural project into a stunning model.

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