I have been asked ‘How can you do so many different things? Are you a jack of all trades?’. Of course, a specialist finds this phrase somewhat offensive, and I am forced to explain it this way: My specialty is designing and crafting experiences. It can be a traditional experience such as a website or consumer product, or a non-traditional experience such as a game show production or something more evocative of art. Over 12 years of experience allows me to work in several mediums and fields while still delivering high quality results.

To directly see some of my work you can browse my portfolio:
Print & Identity
| Web | Products & Objects | Photo-realistic Renderings | 3DCAD & Engineering | Software

Services Overview
  • Web Design
    I design websites: WordPress & Joomla CMS, over 10 years with Adobe products. Code in PHP, HTML, CSS and AJAX
  • Graphic Design for Print
    I design print materials: fliers, business cards, brochures, and anything else printed
  • Product Design & Development
    I develop products: consumer products and specialty prototypes
  • 3D Rendering
    Photo realistic rendering for product development, engineering visualization and architecture
  • 3DCAD & Engineering
    Technical design such as 3DCAD(Solidworks), 2D CAD, motion simulation, and electronics
  • Model Making
    Architecural models and Product prototypes. As well as other types of fabrication.
  • Software & Firmware
    I code:, PHP, C#.NET, MikroBASIC, MikroC, Parallax PBASIC, etc.

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