New Toy: Canon T1i DSLR


I finally got a decent camera! It was a hard choice between a Nikon D90 or D5000 and the Canon t1i.. In the end the t1i won out for 2 reasons: the first is the price – t1i seems to offer a great price\performance ratio and the other reason was the strong endorsement canon products get from the professional photographers I know. Of course, their cameras are much fancier than mine, but I am happy to be able to document my work and life with reasonable quality.

After getting used to the camera I have immediately become interested in multiple exposure HDR(high dynamic range) photography. To capture these images I am using ‘SLR Remote Pro’ software for tethered control. These images are captured in AEB(auto exposure bracketing) at -2/0/+2 exposure and then processed with HDRsoft Photomatix with final stuff done in Photoshop. With no formal photo background, learning all about apertures, f-stops, ISO, and the other mainstays of photography has been very interesting.

Here are a few of the first few images I have captured this way. Enjoy!


The building across the street


My pal Jeff

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