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Recently I have spent a lot of time researching business card design and printing while preparing materials for friends and clients who all seem to need or want new business cards. One trend of sorts that is immediately apparent is cards that are not all the same on at least one side are popular.  LinkedIn is one example of a company that has used this technique to good effect.


I recently happened across the company, Moo,  which printed the LinkedIn cards while reading a great blog belonging to UK designer Chris Spooner. The thing that immediately struck me about Moo was their unique and attractive product offering. Moo specializes in printing short runs of cards  of various types, from business cards to postcards and greeting cards. Unlike most print services where you are limited to uploading a single design per print job (and for good reason), at Moo you are able to upload a unique image on one side for every single print. So, if you are getting 50 cards printed, you can upload 50 unique images for one side of the job! This is a great thing for certain types of people looking for business cards. Photographers seem to get the most immediately satisfying use out of this, but there are other great examples on their website.

I am about to order their 10 business card “free sample” . While they call them free, they put their logo and a black band on one side,  so it isnt really free, but you do get to upload 10 unique images for one side of each card!  I will definitely write a review when I receive my order.

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