Keling Inc. 4030 Wiring Diagram

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On my old site I had a bunch of 3D files and documents. I will slowly be adding them to this site so that all of the 404 Nothing Found errors people get when following 4 year old links will get them what they are looking for.

There is a company in Illinois that sells low cost imported asian CNC and automation equipment called Kelling Inc. They have some great low cost stuf, but their documentation really looks terrible. While using some of their products in a project I made a nice wiring diagram in Visio and shared it over at CNC Zone, a web forum I used to be very active on.

cnc wiring

As a bonus, I am including a SolidWorks model of the Keling NEMA 23 420oz/in Stepper.

Keling 4030 cnc wiring – This is the big diagram pictured directly above

CNC Package Datasheet 1

CNC Package Datasheet 2

Keling Nema23 420oz Stepper Solidworks .sldprt File

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