DIY Rotary Tattoo Gun (revisited)

DIY Rotary Tattoo Gun

The old pre-CMS robertguys

viagra soft tabs site had one very popular item that accounted for 95% of all site traffic: a single 3D rendering of a simple rotary tattoo gun design. For the 2 years it was available, I got some 100 visits a day from people looking for information on DIY rotary tattoo guns. This style of gun uses a small motor to spin a offset cam holding a needle. The needle is fit into a tip that holds ink which it picks up as it moves in and out. This general design is similar to prison tattoo guns, the construction of which show great ingenuity. To make this specific design, it would help to have a metal shop or CNC machine. If there is interest, I will make the 3D model available and some simple NC code.

Soon I will be making 2D plans available, as well as photographing the prototype that is almost completed. If there is any interest shown, I will make a working prototype and photograph the process to help anyone who wants to build a similar device.

DIY Rotary Tattoo Gun Tip

One thing I can see that will change as a result of prototyping is the diameter of the flywheel. Clearly the stroke is going to be far longer than would be ideal..

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts on this design from people who have experrience with these devices.

Who knows, maybe I will eventually get a tattoo from a diy gun from this design!

DIY Rotary Tattoo Gun

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