Telepresence Research Platform

Following up on a lifelong interest in robotics, virtual reality and haptics, this robotic research platform is a continual work in progress for investigating interactive techniques and paradigms of various types. Building on past work I did regarding remote teamwork and interaction, this robot has seen many upgrades, changes, and experiments.

The robot is built around wheelchair motors, wheels and batteries. The motor control board is a custom designed dual H-Bridge with encoders on each wheel for dead reckoning. In addition the robot is designed to carry a modular arsenal of sensors such as infared and sonar distance measurement equipment. Software used has included SolidWorks for design, GibbsCAM for CNC cutting of parts, MikroBASIC for firmware, VB.NET and labview for control software, and Microsoft Robotics Studio for hardware simulations.

Envisioned primarily as a telepresence research device, the robot has seen quite a few changes as it has gone through it’s life.

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